Low Carbon Mutual Funds that Actually Perform Now Ranked


Clean Impact Rankings Announces the Top Five Low Carbon Mutual Funds Investing in Climate Solutions

Forward-looking analysis identifies low carbon mutual funds that provide positive carbon impact

(NEW YORK — December 12, 2018) — Clean Impact Rankings, an initiative to assess investment vehicles based on carbon savings, announced the results of its first mutual fund assessment. Capital allocated to the top five funds is projected to have up to 50 times more positive carbon impact— carbon savings delivered by climate solutions—than peers. To understand how funds with low carbon risk can also drive carbon savings, Clean Impact Rankings looked at nearly 90 Morningstar® Medalists with the Morningstar Low Carbon DesignationTM across six diversified equity categories.

The top five ranking mutual funds include American Funds New Economy, American Funds New Perspective, Fidelity® Growth Company, PRIMECAP Odyssey Growth and Vanguard Capital Opportunity. More information on the rankings and methodology can be found at www.vestedimpact.com.

“Key to our transition to a low carbon future is the increased funding for clean energy and climate change solutions. Investments in more effective companies and technologies will not only lead to greater long-term carbon abatement—they also have the potential to outperform peers. To do this, investors need to understand both the financial return and the climate change impact of solutions- oriented investments,” stated Joy Williams, Chair of New York State’s Decarbonization Advisory Panel and former in-house climate change expert at Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan.

Canetic Advisors, a data analytics company specializing in forecasting the performance and carbon impact of renewable and cleantech companies, established Clean Impact Rankings and conducted the underlying analysis. The firm leveraged aggregated insights from cleantech and renewable energy experts on the segmented value chain attribution for carbon reduction and projected efficiency gains for specific technologies.

“These rankings will inform individual investors looking to increase the positive impact of their low carbon investments. By investing in the most effective publicly-traded climate solutions we all can drive the low carbon economy. This is crucial more than ever given the recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) announcement,” said Tony Altmann founder of Canetic Advisors.

Additional Clean Impact Rankings will be released in 2019 to aid institutional and retail investors who wish to understand the positive climate impact of their investments.

About Clean Impact Rankings The Clean Impact Rankings assess investment vehicles on their positive carbon impact. The results provide forward- looking snapshots for investors seeking a positive tilt towards climate solutions. The rankings can be found at www.vestedimpact.com, a digital resource established by Canetic Advisors to share industry assessments and insights on carbon abatement with investors.

About Canetic Advisors Canetic Advisors is a data analytics company developing forward-looking actionable insights including on ‘alpha adjusted’ climate impact potential that enable public and private market investors to simultaneously optimize returns and climate impact. We measure and quantify climate impact potential for funds, family offices, investment managers and advisors in ESG and impact investing.

Leveraging the industry experience of experts who know renewables and cleantech inside and out, Canetic has built proprietary models with forecasts that are easy-to-use and apply. Canetic evaluates and monitors a global database of public companies and private projects that are focused on carbon abatement optimized for returns. The firm’s deep operating insights and rigorously developed algorithms are applied to pure play companies, projects, and real assets. More information can be found at www.caneticadvisors.com.


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