We advise, manage and finance early stage, fast growing, young entrepreneurial companies.

Our extensive experience and intense energy means we successfully deliver turn-arounds, scaling, financing and selling businesses. Working side by side with our clients, investor’s management teams and family office groups we create strategy and tactics that WIN.

We have a diverse tool-kit to meet the challenges of rapidly changing companies:

  • We are proven entrepreneurs with wide reaching networks and time-tested methods to convert obstacles into opportunities.
  • We have delivered numerous success stories in scaling, re-structuring and selling businesses across a number of industries.
  • We don’t allow your business to “just keep up,” we draw the blueprint for your business’ future and act on it.

Anthony Altmann


Working side by side with great innovators and executive leaders has shaped my approach to business. The common thread to success was true dedication to execution and the sheer ‘grit’ it takes to get it right. These commodities are in short supply across both young and mature businesses today.

Distraction is everywhere but execution and focus are the key common elements that allowed me to build great teams, win big sales and create value for all stakeholders from liquidity events at above market multiples.

My background has been as a transformative leader, taking on tough challenges. I have scaled and sold companies, created start-ups and worked within large corporate enterprises. As the former CEO for a fast growth public company and then senior executive with a Fortune 200 (Next Era), where I built an entrepreneurial business, I learned from hard fought wins and losses how to scale, develop high performance organizations and deliver consistent P&L results.



Through years of successfully scaling companies we have learned a few things. We have curated a stellar group of back-office service providers that truly understand how to work with young companies and their management teams. Our affiliated teams deliver services that allow management and ownership groups to stay focused on their core mission. These outsourced programs foster scaling with proven and trusted ‘pay as you go’ partners. Our platform includes:

  • Global sales team for technology companies
  • Due diligence support
  • Financial statement production & review
  • Invoicing and collection services
  • Cash management, accounts payable and receivable
  • Board reporting packages
  • Domestic and international tax prep
  • Technology – full office set-up in a ‘box’